Dogs will always get a little frisky and unruly, but if they’re trained well, they could also become our little helpers. That’s precisely the vibe that this Golden Labrador named Zazu served.

Zazu shares his home with a doggo brother named Walle. Together, these pets live with their doting and athletic humans. They couldn’t ask for more, and we could see why.

These dogs go on hikes almost every day, and they’re also showered with all sorts of toys and trinkets. On this day, both pets greeted dad, who held new toys in his hands.

He had them follow him to the living room and promptly dropped the toys on the floor. Walle quickly scrambled to pick his toy of choice while Zazu calmly checked all the toys out.

The Labbie found a colorful rope toy to his liking, so he quickly gnawed on it. He probably liked the donut-shaped plaything, but he preferred a sturdy rope to test his teeth with.

Walle came running back into the living room with his choice toy, looking out the window to see if there were squirrels yet. He probably didn’t see any because he plopped down and bit at his toy.

After a bit of playing, there were a couple of playthings strewn across the floor. Mom called Zazu and asked him to put his new toy away, and the Labbie promptly obeyed.

He picked his new rope toy up and neatly placed it in the basket for safekeeping. This playful, calm, and obedient traits are what Labbies are known for, and Zazu didn’t disappoint.

The handsome golden even picked up another toy to put away, and we could just admire this fluffball from afar. What lucky parents, and such a well-behaved dog!

Walle’s energy is a little all over the place, but Zazu complements that energy beautifully. Hugs to you both, and thanks for helping mom out, Zazu!

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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