“A Dog’s Way Home” is Hollywood’s most recent movie that tells the story of a two-year-old pup named Shelby, following her adventures as she journeys to find her way back home to her family.

The movie is not the only one remarkable but the real-life story of Shelby’s journey to stardom. Her life was not all glitz and glam at first. She was first found scavenging for food at a landfill in Tennessee. She was very skinny during that time and malnourished as well, but her personality was stand out.

Office T.J. Jordi from Animal Control recalled, “Shelby was a delighted dog. She would always wag her tail. She was always smiling and fun to be with. You know that she is sincerely happy.”

After Shelby was found, she was taken directly to the shelter, and her photo was immediately posted. She was then spotted by talent scout and owner of Paws for Effect, Debbie Pearl, who also trains dogs for roles in the movies.

”When we saw her image, we knew that she was gorgeous and truly magnificent. We did not waste time meeting her in person, to be sure that she is the one we are looking for to make it as a movie star dog. We wanted to convince ourselves that she got what it takes to star in a movie”, Pearl said in an interview.

True enough, Shelby passed every test there was with flying colors to secure her spot in the movie. She instantly became the favorite of everyone, and everyone has simply fallen in love with the pup.

Shelby was then hired, and her training on acting began. She was taught how to recognize markers and go to them to jump. She was trained when to bark and given cues on how to look at specified directions. She was proving everyone that she got what it takes to be a star.

After her successful starring role in the inspiring movie, Shelby now works as a therapy dog. Just recently, she made children happy at The University of Kansas Medical Center. Truly, Shelby shines like a star not only in movies but most importantly, in real life.

Video and story from Youtube.



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