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Boone already saw what hell was like through his so-called owners just a few weeks after he was born. They decided to get rid of Boone for some inexplicable reason, and they began by chopping off his legs. The poor thing had barely been introduced to the world when his legs were taken away. They then took the now-disabled puppy to a shelter to be euthanized.

When the personnel in the shelter first saw Boone, it was such a horrifying sight that they were so upset. They were so worried about Boone that they never filled out the euthanasia papers since they all forgot about it. They simply took care of him right away to ensure that he was safe.

Because the required documentation had not been filed, Boone was left at the shelter, but the staff was there to take care of him. They even considered posting a picture of Boone on Facebook, hoping for the best for the little pup. Boone may have lost his legs, but he had rabbit’s foot luck and was quickly adopted.

Tanya Diable, the creator of Joey’s P.A.W., an organization that offers funding for injured canines in need of prosthetics and wheelchairs, discovered Boone. Tanya was well aware that she could assist Boone and was eager to do so. She planned to foster Boone along with six other dogs she was assisting, but it was a sure foster failure at first sight, and she ended up keeping Boone.

Boone experienced trauma at such a young age, and Tanya assisted Boone in his recuperation. Despite what he went through, Boone remained peaceful and docile.

When Boone finally recovered, Tanya handed him his own set of wheels so he could have the movement he had been denied. Tanya also helped Boone pass his therapy dog certification, and he now assists Tanya in helping other dogs and people.

Boone now has a mother who takes care of him, and he has found a job that he loves.

Source: a.miracle.named.boone


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