Residents from St. Petersburg, Florida called animal services when they witnessed a stray dog get hit by a car. The injured pooch survived the accident and was last seen limping off from the scene. Patrick Houck, an animal control officer, responded to the call and quickly went to the area.

The officer searched for the pug mix, knowing that he wouldn’t get far. With the help of some people, they found the shivering pooch hiding underneath a trailer. Patrick tried to coax the small dog out, but the injured pooch was frozen in fear and refused to move.

Create enough space

The dog’s hiding place wasn’t just narrow and tight, but it was tricky too. He found a corner place in the farthest area underneath the trailer. The rescuer had to squeeze himself in and somehow maneuver his body to reach the frightened pug.

Patrick first had to create enough space so that he could crawl inside. He moved some bricks that were covering parts of the trailer’s undercarriage. Slowly, he inched towards the dog. And with a net, the rescuer was able to scoop him up.

Because of his injury and fear, the little pup didn’t put up much of a fight. Patrick got him out to safety. The people watching the rescue cheered as they saw the rescuer coming out with the dog.

Treatment and recovery

The dog, who they named Petey, was taken to a vet, where his injuries were treated. Thankfully, all he suffered were some minor scrapes and wounds. He didn’t have any broken bones that would require any extensive treatment or surgery.

After getting cleared by the vet, Petey was then transferred to the local shelter. He continued his recovery there and was pampered by the shelter staff. And as each day passed, the pug got over his fears. He is much happier now and looking forward to getting adopted soon.

Source: Pinellas County Animal Services via Facebook


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