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Firefighters need companions so that they can fulfill their duties more efficiently. This is why several fire stations are now incorporating dogs as part of their pool of firefighters. But even with the help of dogs, some firefighters still face so many dilemmas like incurring diseases. Paul Monfre is no stranger to this.

In Paul’s young career, the firefighter suffers from different illnesses related to his job. From time to time, he feels mobility limitations due to chronic pain. Paul also has breathing difficulty. These diseases make it all the more challenging for Paul to do his function as a firefighter. The good thing is that he recently received a dog that would help him with his duties.

The service dog named Valor VII was recently acquired by the fire station where Paul is working. The pooch graduated from the Canine Companions for Independence program. Under this school, Valor VII learned advanced skills to be of service to the country. More than this, they can also function as emotional support pooch to anyone who might need them.

This is a win-win situation for Paul because Valor VII lives up to his name. According to Paul, the pooch is brimming with confidence and courage when they do their job. But while the dog is head-on with his duties, Valor VII is likewise a sweet and caring pooch.

Paul said this because he experienced it first-hand from Valor II. For one, whenever it is breaktime, the dog would not leave Paul’s side and would stay wherever Paul is. Paul believes that Valor VII is an excellent therapy pooch because the firefighter feels safe whenever the pooch is around.

Now that he has Valor VII to aid him with his daily routine at work, Paul hopes that he could do his craft emphatically well. But he also promised that he would always be a good role model for Valor VII.

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