Do you ever wonder what your dogs do as soon as you leave your house for work? Do they just stay still and wait for you? Or do they just do whatever their heart pleases?

There could be thousands of answers to those questions, and one of them is about to be revealed. Its because some dog owners decided to set up a secret camera to investigate what their pets would do when they are not around.

This family just adopted an eight-month Golden Retriever, and they knew how playful this pup is compared to their older dog. So, they wanted to know if both dogs get along well.

In the following video, you will see them waiting in anticipation. One dog is comfortably sitting on the couch while the other is on the floor.

The moment the door closes, the younger puppy literally goes into party mode. He began hopping from one corner to another. He even picked up his toy and approached the other dog to play.

What most would expect is the older dog would copy what’s currently happening. However, the dog does the opposite. He just stared at his brother in horror as the young one continued to jump around.

After staring at him, the older dog just ignored him completely and just stayed on the couch. How adorable!

The moment the parents saw the video, they felt relief for adopting a very playful dog. At least now, they know that both dogs aren’t suffering from separation anxiety.

Of course, their parents will always love them unconditionally and without any favoritism. Well, we salute your kindness!

Here’s the adorable video of these dogs:

Dogs are such adorable living beings. They can be calm, friendly, and playful. Whatever their personalities are, they all deserve to receive love from their forever families.

Thanks to Rumble Viral for the video and photos.


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