As an animal lover, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a puppy in a pitiful condition. Thankfully, countless people in our society are giving stray dogs a second chance at happiness. However, it takes a lot of work and dedication to rescue these dogs since most of them enter the shelter in terrible conditions.

When a 10-month-old puppy named Butterscotch was rescued, his body was all skin and bones. Butterscotch was severely emaciated and he desperately needed emergency veterinary care. Initially, Butterscotch was impounded at the Liberty Humane Society. It’s a high-volume animal shelter and Butterscotch’s condition meant that he could be a candidate for euthanasia.

Thankfully, an animal rescue organization called Animal Alliance was called to help rescue Butterscotch. Animal Alliance got in touch with Kim Saunders, who was at that time the Director of Operations for Liberty Humane. Kim knew that Butterscotch would need veterinary care to survive.

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Animal Alliance brought Butterscotch to the Crown Veterinary Specialists where he had emergency surgery and treatment, which costs over $7,000. When Butterscotch was living as a stray, he ate a lot of inedible things that remained in his intestines. Dr. Wendy Ross performed the surgery and was able to remove all the foreign objects in Butterscotch’s stomach.

Dr. Wendy Ross also stabilized Butterscotch’s body and personality attended to his recovery. Over the next several days, Butterscotch recovered. Butterscotch also started to gain weight and is getting nearer his 55-60 pound ideal weight. With lots of TLC from the vet staff at Crown Veterinary Specialists, Butterscotch recovered a lot faster.

Despite everything that he went through, Butterscotch proved to be a sweet and loving dog. Any family would be lucky to have him. Thanks to the people involved in his rescue, Butterscotch now has a second chance to find a loving forever home. Here’s a link to the truly heartwarming video featuring Butterscotch’s story and how he was given a second chance at happiness. You can clearly watch the video by clicking the link below the screenshots.

Video Source Zoo Land via YouTube


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