The dogs in this awesome video have bragging rights when it comes to the size of the fish they can catch! Filmed during their fishing adventure in a river, these pit bulls named Kaylie and Ellah get the prized catch. These dogs make excellent fishing buddies!

Big catch

Who needs a fishing rod to catch salmon when you have pit bulls like these two? It is so difficult to get a salmon even when using a fly rod. These dogs go into the rocky river and with their expertise, catch large ones!

Dogs go fishing

These pit bulls are great at fishing. Out of their element, these dogs chased the salmon in the flowing river to get the huge ones! The way they ran in the river, against the current, shows their strength. The way they evaded the large rocks during their hunt and got back safely on land shows their agility.

These dogs are proud of their catch as the big salmon that they caught was laid carefully at the river bank. They just kept on going back into the water to seize more. These hunters know that the “fish are biting” while they are the ones that were holding the fish in their bite.

About the salmon

At the last part of this dog video, there is an explanation about the salmon and what the dog owner did to keep the ecosystem in balance. It is in line with the life cycle of a salmon.

When salmon migrates from an ocean and swim to the river, they spawn on the gravel beds. After the salmon spawn, their dying process begins. The salmon’s bodies decay, and it adds nutrients to the water that aids in nourishing their offspring. It is natural for the salmon to get weak and die after spawning as that is their life cycle.

Responsible fishing

Though it is a natural thing for a man and even a dog to fish for their food, the dog owner decided to do what he could to be responsible for the sake of the offspring of the salmon. Though it was possible for him to keep a few salmon for them to eat, he chose to return the catch from the pit bulls fishing adventure.

Source: Kjw Kjw|YouTube


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