Milo is a Treeing Walker Coonhound who was born with a disability. His two front legs are upside down caused by a rare congenital defect. He is unable to walk due to his disability and he crawls instead using his chest and his twisted legs.

Due to his condition, Milo’s breeder-owner decided he could no longer care for the dog. She contacted Jennie Hays, from Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, asking for help. Jennie agreed to take Milo to their shelter.

At first, Jennie thought it was just a minor disability. But after being examined by the vet, it was revealed that surgery could not be performed. Yet, Jennie refused to give up on Milo. She knew the dog’s condition will only get worst in time as he crawls with his chest.

The way Milo moves causes sores and might result in skeletal problems in the long run. So, Jennie went ahead and looked for other options. Luckily, she was able to push through with Milo’s operation.

Milo’s first few days after the operation was tough. Doctor’s had to put a full-frontal cast on him, and he was having a hard coping on top of the pain he was in. By the end of the first week though, he was finally able to adjust to the cast and went back to his normal self. He doesn’t seem to bother with the cast anymore.

After several weeks, the vets performed a second operation removing the pins on his legs. He is now staying at the hospital and recovering from the second surgery. So far, he is making big progress and is now able to sit on his own.

Milo is scheduled to take rehab and therapy sessions soon. All in all, they estimated Milo needs at least $3,000 or more to continue his treatment. And Jennie is doing her best to raise the fund and help him.

Credits to Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary


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