Wacku, a dog from the Philippines, spent five years advocating animal welfare before migrating to his new home in the United States after a man senselessly attacked him. He used to be a guard dog for a taxi stand owner for the first two years of his life. In 2021, his snout was chopped off by a drunk man with a machete while he was on duty.

Wacku’s owner hurried him to the vet after the incident. Despite losing a lot of blood, the dog recovered from his injuries. Anna Cabrera, director of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), learned about the cruelty he had to face and believed he would be the perfect ambassador for PAWS’ efforts to reform the animal welfare laws in the country.

Cabrera went straight to lawmakers and got the reaction she was expecting. In 2013, the Philippine government increased jail time and penalties for animal abusers.

After working with PAWS for five years, Liesl Wilhardt, founder and executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, heard about Wacku. She felt that she could provide the pup a forever home because she had experience caring for abused and neglected pets with physical challenges. PAWS agreed.

According to Wilhardt, when Wacku first arrived in the United States, he was wary but intrigued about everything. It was a huge change. However, the dog is also incredibly smart. He quickly adjusted and understood that his life was about to change for the better.

Wilhardt said she will continue to talk about Wacku’s life story and incredible accomplishments to help open new doors for other animals with special needs. She went on to say that his strength and resilience are admirable. He never lost his faith in humanity, or his desire to live, despite all that he went through. He is the epitome of a survivor in every sense.

Credit: Luvable Dog Rescue


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