A woman named Annie Ryzak was leisurely boating on Lake Michigan when she stumbled upon a rather newsworthy situation. Other than having a nice holiday with friends, she ended up getting footage of a dog being rescued from the water.

Here’s the story of bravery and kindheartedness that Ryzak witnessed.

A dog that has drifted too far away

While Ryzak was boating near Ohio Street Beach, she spotted a tiny mass bobbing in the waters of Lake Michigan. She eventually realized that it was a dog.

Apparently, the dog was swimming away from the shore. This was dangerous not just because of the lake’s strong currents but also because of the boats passing by.

Thankfully, people on the shore started to notice that the dog needed help. Since Ryza was close to the scene, she managed to capture the rescue operation on camera.

A couple of good Samaritans got involved in the rescue. One guy jumped into the lake and swam toward the pooch. He turned the dog’s body around, so it could swim toward the shore.

Once the four-legged swimmer got closer to the shore, the guy’s friends managed to grab it and haul it to safety. The dog was then successfully reunited with its owners.

A safety reminder for dog owners

Dogs are technically allowed to swim in designated spots of Lake Michigan. Nevertheless, you need to remember a few simple tips to keep your dog safe in the water.

First, make sure that your pup actually knows how to swim. Contrary to popular opinion, not all pooches are born with natural swimming skills. If you aren’t sure about your dog’s ability, make sure that your pup is wearing a good-fitting life vest.

Second, don’t let your dog get out of your sight. If possible, put a swimming leash on your dog, so it won’t drift away from you.

Source: CBS Chicago via YouTube


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