A stray dog in Poland got trapped in tar and couldn’t get out. As he lay on his side, half of his body stuck in the sticky liquid, he was able to lift his snout off the ground and cried out for help.

He kept barking and barking until he caught the attention of workers in a nearby area. When they followed the sound of barking, they were surprised to see the dog lying down in the tar.

The workers called Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje, an animal foundation, and told them about the dog that needed to be rescued. When Joanna Godlewska, a rescuer, heard about what happened, she immediately went to the site to look into the situation.

What she saw broke her heart. The poor pup could barely move, and he looked weak.

Rescuers tried to remove as much of the dog’s fur as they could from the tar. It was a long process, but eventually, they were able to get the dog out of the tar. Godlewska named the dog Farcik.

They brought Farcik to the vet, but the clinic was not able to accommodate Farcik right away because the doctors just treated another patient for 7 hours. Farcik stayed at the foundation and had the tar removed from his body.

They took him back to the vet later in the day, and Farcik was able to get the medical attention he needed.

According to the doctors, the dog was rescued just in time; if he had stayed longer in the tar, his strength could have failed. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer from any serious injury. He only had some minor wounds on one side of his face.

The doctors believed that nobody put the dog in the tar intentionally. Instead, the dog probably lay down on the tar to keep himself warm and fell asleep, and when he woke up, he was already stuck. However, the tar was dumped illegally in the area.

After getting treatment, Farcik was able to rest well. He continues to stay at the foundation where his body recovers and improves every day.

Godlewska said they would find him a forever home once he is ready. The future looks bright for Farcik, thanks to his rescuers.

Source: DogRescue via YouTube


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