Who would have thought that a Chesapeake Bay Retriever could save a life? His name is AC – the savior of Nolan, a 17-month-old boy who was drowning in his family’s backyard pool.

While the mother of Nolan was busy with some house errands, she suddenly noticed that her son was not around. She searched for her son in the entire house but was shocked to realize that even her dog was missing.

Nolan’s mother tried to calm herself down by thinking that the duo was just probably wandering around. However, she was starting to feel that something was not right.

Out of panic, she called 911 and ran straight outside the house to look for Nolan. She kept searching until she reached the lake, and there she found both Nolan and AC. The more that she panicked because from afar, she could see how wet her son was.

The Stafford family was shocked to know the result of the investigation regarding the incident. They found out that their dog, AC, saved Nolan as much as he could.

AC tried to rescue Nolan through his hat. But when that did not work, AC pulled Nolan’s pants. His last resort was a success, and it was evident on the ripped pants.

The Stafford family was beyond grateful for AC, for without him, Nolan would have been gone. They knew from there that they made the best decision of their life when they adopted AC.

Nolan’s father shared that he rescued AC before from the hands of his abusive owner. He brought AC home and showered him with the love he never received from his former owner.

When Nolan was born, he had become inseparable from AC. They became the best of friends since then, the kind that was willing to sacrifice.

Video credit: Questar Entertainment via Youtube


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