Having nice neighbors is always good, but having a friendly dog as your neighbor is the best, especially when it is also your own dog’s best friend. As soon as Aeida moved in with her new family in Australia, she immediately became inseparable with Cashew, the dog next door. They would hang out every day from sunrise until sundown. Both sides of the family found their close friendship adorable and were very supportive of their bond that they came up with a wonderful idea.

The families assembled a doggy door that would connect their houses. This made it easier for Aeida to play with her best friend Cashew anytime. Since Aeida and Cashew could go in and out of both houses, they grew closer to everyone in the families. Aeida got to hang out and love the young kids of her neighbor. She adored the young kids so much that she would do whatever they were doing, even if it meant taking a bath with them.

As soon as Aeida’s parents heard that she would bath with the kids next door, they were surprised and became emotional since Aeida hates bath time. Aeida’s parents related that it was the first time they saw Aeida jump into the bathtub waiting for her bath. Aeida dearly showed that her love for those kids could make her do and actually enjoy the activity she disliked the most.

Now, Aeida is usually expected by the neighbors to come in and bath with the young kids before bed. Aeida has certainly gained the kid’s and the parent’s love, just as Cashew gained the love of Aeida’s parents. Both dogs have become not only best friends but also family to each other. Aeida and Cashew bring great joy to both families and will keep doing so.

Credits to Aeida the Staffy


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