A new homeowner was about to move into his newly purchased home when he found something in the basement that shocked him and left him heartbroken.

The new homeowner bought a house, and when he went in to have a look, he found a dog chained to the bottom of the basement stairs. He wasn’t really sure how long the dog stayed there but immediately felt sorry for the dog.

He immediately rang Stray Rescue Of St. Louis, a local animal rescue organization, to help the abandoned puppy. Thankfully, the rescuers rushed to the address.

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The rescuers were told that there was a squatter staying in the house prior to it being sold. They found garbage and debris scattered all across the basement along with the pit bull.

One of the rescuers, Natalie Thompson, saw the dog as the volunteers shined a flashlight. She saw the dog wagging its tail and appeared to be excited when she saw the rescuers.

The rescue volunteers went on to free the dog from the chain, and the puppy was so excited that it started jumping around and hugging everyone.

It’s unknown why the dog was left behind, and they also saw no one left water or food for the dog. Her excitement earned her the name of Jumping Bean. They found her to be an adorable and affectionate dog who just wants to love and be loved.

The rescuers determined that if Jumping Bean weren’t found at that time, she wouldn’t have survived. It’s good luck and perfect timing that the new homeowner found her.

Thanks to the fast-acting homeowner and rescue volunteers of Stray Rescue Of St. Louis, Jumping Bean is now safe and is free to jump around and play with people. Here’s a heartwarming video of how Jumping Bean was found and rescued and what her life is now today.

Video Source Stray Rescue of St. Louis via YouTube


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