A Jack Russell terrier named Olly caught everyone’s attention in a popular dog show in the UK with his antics. Olly first came into the spotlight in Crufts 2017 when he performed in an agility competition for rescue dogs.

In this contest, the canine participants face an agility course that they have to go through in a particular order as their handler guides them. The pooches must hop over obstacles, weave through a set of bars, and run through pipes, among other things.

Olly was having none of it, though. The adorable pooch was determined to forge his own path through the course, and he started by bumping face-first into a bar, much to the audience and the commentator’s collective amusement.

Image credit: OllyRusell on Twitter

Next, Olly scrambled all over the field, his owner Karen Parker chasing after him. And when the dog decided he was done, he simply ran to the exit.

The video of Olly’s performance went viral on YouTube, and it has garnered nearly 13 million views thus far. Caroline Kisko, a spokesperson for Crufts, remarked that she’s happy the Jack Russell terrier had the time of his life at the show and brought smiles to a lot of faces that day.

When Olly was just six weeks old, his previous caretaker abandoned him in a cat carrier outside the Hertfordshire rehoming center of the animal charity Blue Cross. The staff named him Loki, which suited his mischievous personality.

When Karen adopted him, she changed his name to Olly. The Crufts commentator thinks the fur mom should’ve left it at Loki, though!

When the Jack Russell terrier returned for the agility competition at Crufts 2019, the audience was delighted. The announcer wondered aloud whether the dog has improved — and he got his answer shortly.

This year, Olly’s performance was better — he didn’t smash headfirst into an obstacle, in any case — but it was clear he still thought it was all a game. The audience didn’t mind at all, though; in fact, they were thrilled to see that Olly remained the same hilarious dog they had come to love.

You can watch the Jack Russell terrier’s Crufts 2019 performance in the video below:

Source: Crufts on YouTube


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