Eight comfort dogs named Cubby, Devorah, Miriam, Elijah, Triton, Abner, Joy, and Gabriel have been deployed to Uvalde, Texas after a horrifying school shooting incident. The mass shooting happened at the Robb Elementary School and there were at least 19 children and two adults who have been killed. The comfort dogs are tasked to offer support to everyone who has been affected by the incident.

The dogs who are all Golden Retrievers are part of the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry and are trained to be of service to this type of situation. The program is run by the Christian human care ministry called the Lutheran Church Charities which is also known as LCC. And the dogs were transported from their homes in Texas and Colorado straight to Uvalde to be able to help out at the soonest time possible.

And aside from the families of those who have been affected, first responders will also be part of the priority list for the dogs.

All eight dogs will be attending the mass vigil that will be held at the fairgrounds of Uvalde. And they will also be available for anyone who needs them and people can find them stationed at the local civic center for a few days. The center is currently in use to reunify families of the students who have been in the school during the time of the shooting.

LCC K-9 crisis response coordinator Bonnie Fear expressed how there is still a lot of shock and people are so distraught over what had happened. No one is really ready to process or listen or answer any questions. And so, the best they could do was to show up with the dogs and let them connect with the people. If the people want to talk then they listen but they let the dogs do most of the work so that people would be comfortable.

Source: Twitter via K9ComfortDogs


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