When we welcomed this year, we had no idea things were going to turn out this way. We were all looking for an opportunity to better ourselves, but then COVID-19 happened. Since the cure for the deadly disease remains to be unknown, the best way to keep it at bay is by staying at home and practicing social distancing.

Given the circumstances, face masks automatically became part of our staples each time we had to go out. While some refuse to wear it because they feel silent, others are diligent in using it because they feel protected.

A doggy mask

A young boy from Ecuador is among those who refuse to leave home without a mask. He was also recently spotted putting a face mask on his dog. They were preparing for a bike ride around their neighborhood.

The boy pulled out a mask from his bag while walking towards the dog, who was already sitting on the bike. He then carefully put the mask on his dog. He struggled a bit because masks are based on the size of a human face. It helped a lot that the dog sat still as he made adjustments to make sure the mask would fit him.

The boy then hopped on the bike, ready to go. Before stepping on the pedal, he inspected the dog’s mask one last time. When he saw that

Care for animals

The boy’s video was a wonderful reminder that, like us, our pets need protection from COVID-19 too. People were moved by how much he cared for his pup. The video was loaded with good vibes that it gave everyone a break from all the negativity circulating online.

Those who caught wind of his video shared it with their friends, family, and contacts. To witness the heartwarming moment between the boy and his pup, watch the video below:

Credits to Reuters


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