A three-year-old Belgian Malinois named Max was first discovered by Ukrainian soldiers abandoned and starving in the Mykolaiv region. Upon the soldiers’ closer inspection, they discovered that he was wearing a camouflaged collar specifically issued to Russian war dogs. Unfortunately, it looked like he was left to die by his comrades when the battle intensified. And so, the Ukrainian soldiers immediately rescued him and transported him to safety.

Upon arrival at the soldiers’ camp, they started nursing Max back to health. They fed him and gave him all the care that he needed to get back on his four mighty paws. And thankfully, Max was able to fully recover from the life-threatening situation that he had been left in.

After that, he was trained to understand Ukrainian commands and when he completed his training, he was redeployed as a full-fledged member of the Ukrainian troop and was assigned as a minesweeping dog. Dmitry who is a member of the National Guard of Ukraine officially welcomed Max who will be alongside them in protecting their people against the Russians.

Russian war dogs like Max are extremely loyal to their masters and their bond with their handlers is very strong. They are also prized assets in Russia because they are brave, intelligent, and highly athletic. That is why it came as a surprise that Max was abandoned by the Russians.

But it seemed like after receiving care from the Ukrainian soldiers, he swapped loyalties. And of course, the soldiers are also equally happy and grateful to have him on the team. That is, in Ukraine, all dogs are treated like family and they will never be abandoned no matter the situation. In fact, in just a short time, Max earned the badge as one of the guards’ favorites.

Best of luck with your new job, Max and we hope to see more of you in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Source: Daily Mail


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