Birthdays always seem so special since we get to receive love and presents from our beloved people. Frem, even if he’s still an infant and clueless of what’s happening around him, felt so glad for the unexpected furry gift he received during the celebration of his special day.

A video of Frem happily receiving his birthday present caught the attention of many internet users as it went viral on social media.

Frem was seen crawling towards a box beautifully wrapped in a white paper cover sealed with a blue ribbon. He then decided to take the lid off.

What happened afterward brought so much excitement and happiness to the little guy. Kept inside the box was his potential best buddy- a jolly and adorable golden retriever puppy!

Slowly lifting himself through his small chub legs, Frem peeps inside the medium-sized box.

He then saw a cute canine scanning his surroundings, waiting for someone to take him out of the gift container.

Amazed by the looks of the pooch, Frem spared a few seconds to stare and appreciate its cuteness. He must be thinking that what he was seeing was a friendly creature so, he stretched out his arms to say hi.

Nobody could ever imagine how wonderful and awesome Frem must have felt. He was smiling so wide even after patting the pup in its head.

A little longer later, the baby’s parents decided to take the canine out of the gift box so he could freely move. They placed the charming lad on the floorboard for him to be able to get used to his new play space.

The cheerful pooch moved a lot and greeted everyone with a smile. He even asked Frem to play and pet him without any hesitations.

Dogs seem to be good when it comes to building a friendly relationship with babies. Maybe this is one of the reasons why little Frem felt so carefree and happy playing with his newfound fur friend.

Frem isn’t the type of person who can exaggerate his emotions much because he’s still an infant. But then, we all can see that he loves and appreciates the present he got for his once-in-a-year birthday experience.

The meeting stage might be over yet, for the little guy, it is only the beginning of their lifetime best-buddy relationship.

Video Credits: FN TechRoom on Youtube


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