Coyote Peterson is the new host of a brand new show. It’s in Animal Planet called Brave The Wild. Because of his job, he keeps traveling around the world.  Peterson gets into different kinds of adventures.

One day as he was spending time with his girlfriend, they went inside a shelter. His girlfriend wanted to get a dog, and Peterson had no plans of getting one.

He could not possibly take care of a dog because he constantly travels. He could not handle having a canine in his life with the job that he has.

When Peterson and his girlfriend saw Charlotte, they both knew that they needed to bring her home. That’s when everything changed.

Charlotte proved to Peterson that he could do his job while taking care of her. The easiest way that Peterson can look after Charlotte was to bring her along. She would accompany him during his travels.

Peterson discovered that he and Charlotte have something in common. They both have the spirit for adventure.

This Rhodesian ridgeback greyhound mix loves the outdoors and exploring nature. Those are some of her favorite things. She thoroughly loves to do them.

Charlotte’s favorite game is fetching. She can play fetch for hours on end. Peterson would sometimes bring her to play fetch near a body of water. Peterson would throw the ball into the water, and Charlotte would go and retrieve it.

Charlotte can spend hours just by playing the game. Charlotte gets tired at the end of the day, and this helps her in getting a good night’s sleep.

This father and fur daughter even have a favorite show. They enjoy watching puppy bowl together. Peterson and Charlotte love how competitive the dogs are. They also like the fact that each dog is so adorable.

Peterson is glad that he adopted Charlotte with his girlfriend. Charlotte has taught him so much. Peterson not only gained a pet, but he gained a friend.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube


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