No one can resist the adorable faces of cute puppies, and the same can be said about the UPS driver Jason Hardesty from New Orleans, Louisiana. Going on with his daily routine and dropping off sealed parcels in his area, Jason Hardesty took the liberty of taking some adorable pics of dogs on his route.

The UPS driver later posted these pics on Instagram, and they became an instant hit on his social media account. This pup pic posting all happens to be an old tradition for the UPS drivers as in the past, a guy named Sean McCarren also created a Facebook page for posting pics of dogs he met on the road. However, Jason keeps his posts limited only to his Instagram account.

Limited to Instagram only with 1.5k posts, Jason’s Instagram has made him quite an internet celebrity with 83k followers on the social media page. If we talk about Jason’s personality, the friendly UPS driver describes himself as “a very easily entertained UPS driver,” and the smile in his pic with Stanley indeed leaves us all with any lack of doubt.

Although Jason is just a new runner up for the “Ups dog tradition,” the UPS Dogs Facebook page is filled not only with cute snaps of cute pups but with shots of Alpacas, chickens, deer, and even goats. It seems that the job of a UPS driver is quite a perky one.

Jason’s story went viral when author Jamie Attenberg shared a link to his hashtag pupsofjay, gaining him about 10,000 followers in just two days’ time. Hardesty says that he allows himself to post one pic of a pup every Friday evening so he can enjoy playing more with the puppies while on his daily route.

If you want to see more stories of Jason having fun with his canine buddies, make sure to follow Jason on his Instagram page, given in the link below.

Image source: jhardesty via Instagram


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