In the southwest of England, a rockstar-looking dog is getting a lot of attention from people. Most certainly, the dog is loving his look and the attention that comes with it. Finley is a springer spaniel with the most stylish hair all over England. His owner Rebecca Munday has been growing his hair for almost three years now. Technically, she’s been growing Finley’s hair his whole life.

Munday admitted that they are both enjoying the attention from people. All thanks to Finley’s beautiful locks of pretty “hair.” Finely gets compliments non-stop wherever they go. Some people even remark that Finley’s hair resembles Led Zeppelin’s member Robert Plant. Finley’s lovely locks were always like this. It started when he was just six months. Munday decided to style Finley’s hair into a mohawk.

From that mohawk punk-rock style, Finley’s hair started to grow into longer locks. Munday did not pay so much attention until people started complimenting his growing hair. From then on, she began to recognize and see how Finley’s hair makes him unique. Munday has this great idea of making an Instagram account for Finley. She would constantly post beautiful photos of Finley, showcasing his equally beautiful hair. In no time, his account has gained thousands of followers.

Thanks to his mother, Finley had a couple of sponsorship offers from pet companies, and so he started earning. He would do photoshoots to promote the company’s products, and he does his “job” in a pretty well-behaved manner. Munday decided that a portion of Finley’s earnings would be donated to the shelter she works in. They also donated some of the free stuff that Finley is getting from companies.

Finley sounds like a very successful three-year-old star, but he’s not only that. He’s also a matchmaker. Through Finley’s Instagram account, Munday found the love of her life. Munday is very grateful she has a loving and adorable fur baby.

Credits to Finley the Springer


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