You may have heard about cats trying to act like dogs or dogs imitating cats,  but today we are going to tell u about an incredibly adorable piglet who thinks she is a dog. So get ready to have a wide smile on your face.

Olive is a pretty, eight-month-old piglet who lives with her three canine siblings and her loving parents Alissa and Nick Childs. You will be amazed that the tiny beauty has 3512 followers on Instagram, and she is winning hearts all around the world. It is definitely impossible not to see her cute pictures and melt away.

Also, Olive is soon to have a human sibling as well, and her owner family is also hoping to bring a wee donkey into the family as well. Well, that’s some amazing news for the young piglet as she will have more siblings now to growl at, as she does to Lola the Bulldog when the dog tries to steal her food. Amazingly, Lola never got along with the rest of the animals but developed an extraordinary bond with olive, perhaps because she mothered the young piglet when Olive was just a baby.

The owners of the animals believe that even if Olive gets a chance to leave them, she won’t. She would follow them to the edge of the world. They also think that the tiny piglet will grow even bigger with time. They need to manage what she eats, and the wrong kind of diet would cause her to become even bigger.

The piglet spends every hour of the day with the dogs, and they rarely get apart from each other. They play, eat, run, walk, and sleep together. The owners claim that Olive totally behaves as if she was a dog, and with the pictures as proof, we can’t disagree.

Image source: 3MillionDogs


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