Spoiling our pets is definitely one of the most exciting things to do ever as a fur parent. And just recently, one Golden Retriever named Daisy went viral on TikTok for that very reason. That is, her fur parents built her her very own customized floating dog bed that matched their bed. And it definitely looked so aesthetic that people were simultaneously amazed and jealous of Daisy.

Daisy’s mom Tarah who’s from Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia shared that when she and her partner were starting to renovate their room, they really wanted a bed that had that wow factor. A floating bed was definitely something that she had always loved so she started looking for inspiration on Pinterest. From there, they came up with their own plan and design for their room then they started making their own.

The couple had so much fun building their floating bed and so when they finished, they decided to make Daisy one of her own.

First, they measured the five-year-old Golden Retriever to make sure that the bed was a perfect fit. Then they started cutting out the wood that they needed and then slowly assembled the dog bed. It wasn’t easy but when they finally finished the whole bed, it was definitely worth all the effort. And for the last touch and final whip of aesthetic glory, they installed LED lights underneath to make it really look like it’s floating.

Daisy definitely loves her bed so much and she spends a lot of her time just chilling on it. Even before the bed was finished, Daisy was already excited to try it so that made all the hard work of Tarah and her partner even more worthwhile. You can check out Daisy’s awesome floating bed in the TikTok video below.


Reply to @letsbeimpulsive Daisy the dog is pretty stoked on her new bed… now she wants another cool bed in the living room 🥲🐶💖 #floatingbed #floatingbedframe #goldenretriever #diydog #diyproject

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Source: TikTok via letsbeimpulsive


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