In one way or another, dogs love getting themselves in trouble. They fall off balconies. They get into fights with other dogs. Sometimes, they stumble upon their own clumsiness.

Admit it or not, they do land in trouble at least once in their lifetime. But not all their accidents are distressing, most of them are quite hilarious your family will laugh it off. Here are some of those most amusing and bizarre accidents dog can get into.

The unfortunate squirrel chase

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Dog owners know how badly canines and squirrels get along. Rider, a Belgian sheepdog was no exception. While he was so laser-focused on the squirrel he’s running after, all he could see was the scurrying animal, completely disregarding everything on his way.

Yes, including an unknowing wheelbarrow right in front of him. All it took was one quick bump on the wheelbarrow, and his target went scampering up a cedar tree. Rider did break a few bones in the collision but he was such a brave guy, he recovered without any medical help.

The sock incident

Eating random objects in the house isn’t a new dog habit. In fact, vets are not surprised how often dog X-rays come out with all kinds of household items, from small plastics to their chew toys. But Becca, the sweet Lab Retriever, took this eating habit to a whole new level.

When she tried to eat her favorite sock one day, she eventually found herself throwing it up in the backyard. But it seemed that her motto was “the sock is sweeter the second time around” because when her owners tried to find the sock, it was already in Becca’s stomach. Again.

The pacifier obsession

This particular English bulldog had grown a liking to her owner’s daughter’s pacifiers. She was so crazy about them that she kept them hidden somewhere no one would find them—in her stomach.

Apparently, pacifiers were not Lulu’s only obsession. When her owner finally took her to the vet, they got a portion of a basketball and a bottle cap on top of the 15 pacifiers she stole from the baby — what a bad dog.

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Video courtesy of Funny Pet Videos

Thanks to ABC News for posting this story.


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